Instagram FAQs

Check out our most frequently asked questions below to find answers to common issues that you might experience while posting to Instagram.

What type of Instagram account do I need?

You'll need to have an Instagram Professional account, (business or creator). In order for us to connect your Instagram Professional account, it needs to be associated with a Facebook Page. Check out this document for more information about how to convert your account to the correct account type and connect to Facebook.

What settings do I need to meet for my Instagram images?

Your images should be a minimum of 400x300 pixels and fit the aspect ratio of either 1:1.91 or 4:5. Our system will crop up to 20% from images that do not meet these aspect ratio requirements. However, you can disable the crop option on your feed settings if you'd like.


Why isn't my post sending?

There are a number of reasons that your post might not make it to Instagram. The most common issues are that the image doesn't meet the above specifications or that the social needs to be reconnected. You may also be on our Basic plan and still might need to validate your email in your Account Settings tab.


Is there a limit to Instagram posting?

For the safety of our users' accounts and to adhere to Instagram's vision for their platform, we do limit automatic Instagram posts to 25 per Instagram handle within a 24-hour period.


Can I use an RSS Feed to post to my Instagram account?

Yes! You can add your Instagram account to any new feed or even add it to an existing feed!


Can I include a hyperlink in my Instagram posts?

At this time, Instagram doesn't support using hyperlinks in their posts. We can include the link in your post text, but it will not be clickable. You can enable this in your social settings if you'd like to include the link in your post text.


Can I enable hashtags or prefix/suffix content for my Instagram posts?

Yes! This content is available for outgoing posts with Instagram. Simply set up your hashtags and prefix/suffix content on your feeds.


Can I share my Instagram content to other social media accounts?

Yes! You can add Instagram as a feed, which will send your Instagram page content to your other social media accounts.

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