Posting Instagram Photos with has made the process of sending Instagram photos to your other Social Media accounts quick and easy. Once you set this up, will automatically share your Instagram photos to your social networks, including Twitter, Facebook and Google+. We'll post your photos in a visually rich photo post style -- not just text and a link to view the photo on Instagram.  For more information on how to create this Feed, check out our blog article, How to Easily Make an Instagram RSS Feed for FREE


1) From your dashboard, click Add New Feed


2) Click the Instagram icon



3) If you are logged in to your Instagram account, click Authorize. If you are not logged in you will be prompted to log in and Authorize. Once Authorized, click on the correct Instagram account with which to share.


4) Choose the social networks you want to share Instagram content and click Start posting



5) You are all set! will automatically post your Instagram updates to your socials.


For useful tips on how to use Instagram and Snapchat to their full potential, check out our blog article What You Need to Know About Snapchat and Instagram Stories


Note: We are unable to post to Instagram at this time.  We hope to make this available at some time in the future.



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