How does generate my Auto Detected Hashtags? uses a couple of different things to generate your Auto Detected Hashtags, and you can pick which one you want us to use!


All Auto Detected Hashtags are taken from tags on either your Feed or your linked Web pages. There are two different types of tags that we scan for, depending on where you'd like us to find your Auto Detected Hashtags. If you choose for us to scan the Feed for your Hashtags, we will look for <category> tags. If you would like us to use your linked web pages, we will look for <article:tags>.


The <article:tags> tags on your website will have this format:

<meta property="article:tag" content="dogs" />
<meta property="article:tag" content="cats" />


If you use WordPress for your web pages, your Feeds will typically use the <category> tags to map directly to categories that you define for your posts. If you use the <article:tags> field, this will map to the individual tags for your posts. If you need assistance setting up these tags on WordPress, please visit WordPress's support document for further assistance.

If you need assistance setting up these tags in, you may visit our support documentation for step-by-step instructions as to how to set up these tags.

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