Introducing a brand new way to use #Hashtags! is proud to introduce a new way to use #Hashtags on your Social Media accounts!

Our new #Hashtag feature works in two different ways. We allow you to put Static hashtags on the end of your posts, and we also allow you to use dynamic hashtags. The dynamic hashtag will allow you to place multiple hashtags in your Feed and we will select random hashtags to go out with your content.

Static hashtags will be sent out with every item. Hashtags will be added to the end of your text in your posts.

We are also excited to introduce Auto Detected Hashtags! These hashtags are detected from either your Feed's category tags, or your linked webpage's tags. For more information, visit our support document.

To add hashtags to your posts, follow the steps below:

1) Log into your account and click on the Feed to which you would like to add Hashtags.


2) Click on Settings


3) Click on Hashtags


4) Select the dropdown menu and click on fixed/dynamic hashtags.


5) Toggle on the switch for fixed hashtags and enter your hashtags into the appropriate fields

--Static are added to every post

--Dynamic are randomly selected according to your instructions

You can also use our Hashtag search by clicking on the Find Related button when you're entering the Keyword into the Search field.


6) If you use the Find Related option, click on the Hashtags that you'd like to add and click Add.


7) Click on Save



And you're all set! We will begin adding hashtags to your posts when we find your next post.

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