Why is my item being detected as duplicate content when I’m trying to add it to more than one social?

Twitter's most recent update has changed the terms of service for our users dramatically. This has caused us to make some changes to protect our users from account suspensions. The most significant update is that Twitter is no longer allowing the posting of the same content across multiple accounts. 

With that in mind, we are utilizing our systems to detect duplicate content before it is published across multiple Twitter accounts. This will prevent our users from incurring account suspensions because of violations of these terms of service. We do permit Retweeting from a single Twitter handle that you control to a select number of Twitter handles that you also control.

You might also be adding a photo post without text. When this occurs, our systems detect the post as duplicate because it uses text to match posts to other posts that have been sent. If this is the case, we recommend adding a caption to your photos.

If you are experiencing this error, you will be able to locate it in your Twitter account's error log

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