What does the message "We were unable to locate any pages that can be connected to dlvr.it" mean?

"We were unable to locate any pages associated with your social media account that can be connected to dlvr.it"


This message will be shown when we are unable to retrieve any information associated with a Facebook, Google+, or LinkedIn Companies account that you have attempted to connect to dlvr.it. Many times, this will mean that you have simply logged into the incorrect account. dlvr.it will automatically connect to any account that is currently logged in when you are requesting the connection.  This may simply mean that you need to logout of the social media service you're attempting to connect and reconnect with the correct profile.  This can also mean that you have insufficient permissions to be able to post to the account in question. 

Please note: As of August 1, 2018, dlvr.it is no longer able to support posting to Facebook profiles. For more information, check out our support document.

So, what are permissions?

Permissions are allowances that restrict what a certain user may or may not do.  On certain social media sites, you are allowed to create a Pages or Groups which are outside of your personal profile.  If you are considered the admin of that page or group, you will not be restricted for access purposes, but you may be required to assign roles to other users so that they are allowed to post on the page's behalf.  In LinkedIn, if you are a non-admin user, you can request these permissions through LinkedIn. Facebook admins are automatically assigned by the creator of the page.  If you are looking for permissions on Facebook, your admin may assign these permissions.  Below, we have provided links for how to request/create permissions on LinkedIn and Facebook.


Assigning Roles on Facebook

LinkedIn: Requesting permission for administrator access

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