Effective August 1st, 2018 dlvr.it will no longer post to Personal Facebook Profiles


Effective August 1st, you will no longer be able to post to personal Facebook Profiles via dlvr.it. We will continue to support posting to Facebook Pages and Groups.

Facebook has made a number of updates to their platform aimed at improving their ecosystem and reducing misuse and spam. One of these changes includes eliminating the ability for third party apps (such as dlvr.it), to post to personal Facebook Profiles. This change comes into effect on August 1st, 2018. As of that date, dlvr.it will no longer post to personal Facebook Profiles.

This update is part of a broader change that Facebook is making to enhance their ecosystem and prevent misuse of personal accounts. We’re optimistic this change will ultimately benefit Facebook users, even if there is some near-term pain for some users.

Should I use a Facebook Personal Profiles or a Facebook Page?

It is a violation of Facebook Terms to use your personal profile to represent something other than yourself, such as your business. Facebook’s recent changes appear to be aimed, in large part, at encouraging users to separate their personal use of Facebook from their business use of the platform.

Facebook continues to support and encourage the use of management tools, such as dlvr.it, for businesses and organizations. User may use tools like dlvr.it. for tasks such as scheduling, analytics and automation on Facebook Pages.

If you are currently using your personal profile for business purposes, it's a great time to consider converting your profile to a Facebook page. Here is a link to a Facebook post with details on why you might benefit from converting your Profile to a Facebook Page:

Should I convert my personal profile to a Facebook Page?


dlvr.it will continue posting to Facebook Pages and Groups

dlvr.it will continue to support posting to Facebook Pages and Groups and we’ll continue to enhance our Facebook posting and marketing automation tools.

If you’ve been using dlvr.it to automate posting to your personal Facebook profile, we understand how a change like this can disrupt your processes and workflows. We hope to continue working with you to achieve your social media goals.


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