How to set to post unshortened URLs

You can easily share full URLs to Twitter, Facebook and the rest of your socials. Here's how you can set specific routes to post unshortened links.

1) Log into your account

2) Click on the Socials tab


3) Expand the Social that you are trying to change the setting for


4) Click on 'Edit


5) Click on 'Links'


6) From the drop down, select 'Don't Shorten Links'


7) Save


After you make this change, all future posts through this Social will include full, unshortened links.

Here are details on applying the 'No Shortener' option globally and making it your default setting for new routes.

When using the No Shortener option, will post the original, unaltered link. We will not add additional Google Analytics tracking tags to the link. Here's more info on using Google Analytics tags with


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