How to set to post full unshortened URLs - Default / Global Settings

You can easily share full, unshortened links to X (Twitter), Facebook and the rest of your socials. Here's how you can set all of your Routes to post unshortened links and make 'No Shortener' your default settings for new routes and Qs.


1) Log into your account and click on the Socials tab


2) Go to the Short Links tab


3) Click on the 'No Shortener' option



4) Select your options

--  Select 'Apply No Shortener to all existing routes' to set all existing Routes to post full, unshortened links.

-- Select 'Default No Shortener for new routes' to make 'No Shortener' your default for all new routes.


5) Save domain


 6) You will receive a message stating that your Domain settings have been updated

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