Facebook Status Updates vs. Facebook Shared Links

There are two primary formats for posting your content to Facebook: Status Updates and Shared Links. Using dlvr.it you can choose which format you post to Facebook. Below we describe each and provide details on the layout options available when posting via dlvr.it.

Status Update
Facebook Status Updates contain contain text and links, and the formatting is basic. Status updates do not contain images or other media. The format is similar to the bare-bones nature of tweets on Twitter, however Facebook’s character limits per post are higher than Twitter’s. Facebook Status Updates posted via dlvr.it are capped at 420 characters, whereas 140 is the maximum number of characters in a tweet.

When posting Status Updates from dlvr.it, you can select which fields from your items to include: Title, Body and/or Link. The Status Update example below includes the Title and Link of the item posted.

Shared Link
Facebook Shared Links contain contain the title (linked), summary and (optionally) a thumbnail image from the content you are posting. The formatting of Shared Links is richer than Status Updates and Tweets — largely due to a) the inclusion of an image and b) the differing type formats for the Title and Summary portions of the post.

When posting Shared Links from dlvr.it, the Title (linked), Summary and Thumbnail Image are automatically included in the post.

Setting it Up
To set up your posting style, follow the instructions below:

1) Click on the Socials tab


2) Click on the Social


3) Click on Edit


4) Click on the dropdown menu and select the appropriate option


5) Configure your posting options


6) Save


Please note: As of August 1, 2018, dlvr.it is no longer able to support posting to Facebook profiles. View our Support Document for more details.

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