How do I control which image/photo is posted to Facebook? can help to control the image or photo that is Automatically posted to Facebook.  These images will display on your Facebook page, right next to your content. This Facebook feature contrasts with Twitter, which only allows up to 140 characters of text (any images are hosted on other services and available via a link in the tweet).  The addition of an image can enhance your content and engage users with a visual connection to your headlines and text.

Please note: As of August 1, 2018, is no longer able to support posting to Facebook profiles. For more information, check out our support document.


OpenGraph Tags

The most reliable way to control the images included with Facebook posts is to include OpenGraph tags on your pages. Facebook has officially changed their systems so that is unable to control which thumbnail appears in their systems.

Here's more on OpenGraph:

If you have OpenGraph tags on your pages, you can select the 'auto-detected by Facebook' option above. Facebook will scan the page looking for images -- and include the 'best' image. Typically, Facebook will include the OpenGraph image (og:image).


Facebook Sharing Best Practices

What if my posts are showing the wrong image?

If you're seeing the wrong images on your Facebook page, most likely, it means that the image in  your Open Graph tags is wrong, or that there are no Open Graph tags implemented on your page. To check your open graph tags, check out Facebook's Open Graph Debugger.


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