Why is dlvr.it not posting new items?

Here are a few common issues that could cause your items not to post. 

1) Feed caching

If dlvr.it is not seeing new items in your feed as expected, you may want to check your cache settings. Often, delays in new items getting to dlvr.it are caused by the RSS feed being cached on the server. While this minimizes load on servers, it can cause delays in RSS feed updates being served out to dlvr.it and other RSS 'feed readers'.

The settings of your cache plugin can usually be adjusted so that RSS feeds are not cached, or the cache time is reduced.

You may need to work with your system administrator to change your cache settings.


2) Your feed does not contain GUIDs

One of the most common reasons is that your feed lacks GUIDs, and your items all share the same URL. This is technically a valid feed, but it will have problems.

An Item's GUID is a unique identifier that we (and other services) use to identify the item as having been seen (or not). If the item contains no GUID, we have to use the URL instead. Since your URL is the same every time you post, we can only determine that there are no new items to post.

There are three ways you can resolve this:

  • Add GUID fields to your RSS feed with a unique value for each item when it is posted.
  • Change the item's URL when it is posted (e.g. by linking to an individual post instead of your main page)
  • Edit your dlvr.it settings and enable "Re-post items with updated timestamps" on the Advanced tab of your Feed settings. This will force dlvr.it to consider the timestamps, and it will re-post an item whenever the timestamp changes. Warning: This can cause duplicate updates if the timestamp updates without item content actually changing, however.

3) The feed contains duplicate GUIDs

The other possibility that can come up is that your feed has republished a new item with the same GUID, leading our system to believe that it's an old item. If this is the case, you can activate the republish items with updated timestamps setting, which will look for a new timestamp in your items and republish any items that contain an updated timestamp.

What is a GUID? (source)

"GUID" stands for Globally Unique IDentifier. A GUID is a string that uniquely identifies an RSS item. If this tag is used, a feed reader may use the string to determine if the RSS item is new.

Each GUID must be unique and it is up to the webmaster or application to to ensure this for every item that is created.

A GUID can be a URL pointing to the RSS item content, but if new content is posted at the same URL (ex: weather updates), it is better to use a non-URL string.

The GUID for a given item should not change once it has been assigned.


4) You may have exceeded a rate limit for your socials.

Click here for more information about rate limits on specific social services.

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