How to add Reddit to your account

Connecting Reddit is allowed in two facets. You can connect your Reddit profile or a subreddit of which you are an Admin. Follow the steps below to add a Reddit profile or subreddit to your account. 

First, you'll need to make sure that you are a moderator of the subreddit that you're attempting to link to


To add Reddit to your account

1) Log into your account


2) Click on the Socials tab



3) Click on Add Social



4) Click on the Reddit icon



5) Log into your Reddit account and add permissions



6) Select the appropriate subreddit or profile



7) Connect.

Please note: If you don't see any connect options for your username including your personal subreddit, you will need to make sure that you're a moderator of at least one subreddit. Reddit will only allow automated posting if you have at least one subreddit that you're moderating.


To add a moderator in Reddit

1) Log into your Reddit account


2) Click on the menu with your username and navigate to your profile




3) Under the "You're a moderator of these communities" section, click on the correct community.



4) Click on Mod Tools



5) Click on Moderators



6) Click on Invite User as mod



7) Search for the correct username and use the enter/return key to add the moderator



8) Once the user has been invited, they will appear under the Invited Moderators section until they accept the invitation.




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