Rate limits for Pinterest, LinkedIn, Blogger, and WordPress

If you're missing a post for WordPress, LinkedIn, Blogger, or Pinterest, you may have exceeded the rate limit allowed for that service. These specific services have lower rate limits than other services.


These rate limits are as follows:

  • Pinterest only allows 25 posts per 24-hour period and no more than 12 posts each hour.
  • LinkedIn allows 25 posts in 24 hours.
  • Blogger allows 5 posts per 24 hours.
  • WordPress allows 5 posts per 24 hours.
  • Reddit allows 5 posts per 24 hours.

If you are missing posts, you can view your error logs for these specific socials using the steps below:


Click on your Socials tab:



Click on the Social to expand it, and click on the Errors button:




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