How do I use's new content source options?

With you can automatically share items from many sources directly to your social media accounts. All you need to do is let us know where you’d like us to get the content and tell us which social you’d like to share the content.


Using Shopify and you can automatically share products or products in a collection from a Shopify store to your social media accounts. All needs is the store name or the collection name to set up the product feed.

Shopify has two different types of collections: Manual and Automatic. A Manual collection is one that requires you to set it up and maintain it. An Automatic collection is a type of collection that automatically groups products based on conditions that you set. If you're having trouble finding your collection, you can view this in your Collections tab in your Admin console. 


https:// collectionname



Etsy provides product feeds for all Etsy shops. To add an Etsy feed to, all we will need is the shop name. You can find the shop name in the Etsy shop URL.

Example: shopname



YouTube videos can be shared to your social media accounts automatically with To add a YouTube channel, just provide the channel or video URL. 

Make sure that your channel is set to Public, Private videos may not post properly.

Examples: channel username videoID



With you can use a WordPress feed to post new website content automatically to your social media. To find the WordPress feed, enter the site URL and choose the feed you want to use. 


With, you can automatically share new Pinterest Pins to your social media accounts. All you need is the Pinterest username. You can also specify a specific board name. Just make sure that the feed is set to public so that we can post the content. 



With, you can connect with both Business and Personal Instagram accounts and automatically post your new pictures to your social media accounts.

If you’re not sure how to make a Business Instagram account, you can follow these instructions to get started.


X (Twitter)

With, you can share Posts from a specific X (Twitter) handle to your social media accounts. You’ll need to log in using your X (Twitter) account and then provide the X (Twitter) handle for the account you’d like to share. 

Please note: If you want to post from an X (Twitter) handle to another X (Twitter) account, we will automatically post this content as Reposts to comply with X (Twitter)’s terms of service.


Website feed

With you can use automatically post new website content to social media. To find the  feed, enter the site link and choose the feed you want to use. 


With’s search tool, you can use a topic, site, or keyword to find a feed to automatically send to your social media accounts. Just enter your search term into the search box and select the feed you want to use.


keyword: top5

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