Why aren't my pictures posting?

Image posting is a tricky issue in most cases. However, there are only a couple of primary causes. 

1) Facebook images:

Facebook images are usually retrieved by Facebook, which means that if Facebook posts do not contain images, it is due to the images not communicating properly with Facebook. This can be for a few reasons.

-- The page itself isn't responding.

-- The image is not linked with an Open Graph tag.

-- The image doesn't meet Facebook's minimum sizing requirements.

In all of these cases, you are able to locate the problem with Facebook's link debugging tool


2) Other images:

If Facebook images are not your concern, or if you are sharing Facebook Status Updates, there can be a couple of additional issues. The number one issue that we see is sizing related. dlvr.it has a minimum image size requirement of 400x300 pixels. Any images that don't meet those sizing requirements will not be posted.

The other issue that can arise is images not being properly tagged. It is possible for your feed to have image enclosures and for us to find those, but if they are not present and there are no additional image tags, your images will likely fail to post.

If any of these issues are a problem on your website, you may contact your website administrator for further assistance. Of course, if you have additional questions about this information, please contact support@dlvrit.com.

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