I keep posting through dlvr.it to Google My Business and nothing is showing up!

Sometimes, you may attempt to post to Google My Business via dlvr.it and you might find that your post never appears on Google My Business without an error on dlvr.it's website. This is an issue that we're aware of and that Google has addressed in some facets.

If your posts never appear on Google My Business and dlvr.it isn't getting an error, your business may not be approved to post via API. dlvr.it uses the GMB API to send posts. If your business falls under an ineligible category, you may be able to connect through dlvr.it, but your posts won't show up. An example of such a category is the lodging category.

We will be updating this document as we receive more information.

If you have further questions, please contact us at support@dlvrit.com.

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