How do I automatically post my Shopify products to my social media accounts?

Shopify is a platform that provides excellent management of your products, but how can you automatically use those listings to gain more traffic to your Shopify site?

One great method is to automatically post those product listings to your Social Media accounts.

To do this with, follow the steps below:

1) Locate your Shopify store URL.

-- To do this, navigate to your Shopify page and find the collection URL that you would like to post and add the append ".atom".

For example:


So this:


Will become this


--If you're looking to post one of your blogs, you will need to use the following URL format:


Your blog will look like this



And the blog feed will look like this



2) Add your feed to the system

--Click Add New Feed


--Enter the feed URL that you've located


--Select the Connect Button


3) Connect your social media accounts to your feed


4) Click Start Posting

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