Why can't I connect to my Pinterest page?

We have identified an error that will sometimes appear when you're attempting to connect to your Pinterest page for the first time. Sometimes, you'll see a blank screen with the following text.

"Can't add Pinterest as a Social. Get the following error: {"status": "failure", "message": "Authentication failed.", "code": 2, "data": null}"

This screen can be resolved in most cases by logging into Pinterest within your browser. To do this, open a new tab in your browser and navigate to Pinterest.com and log in.


Another error that you might experience when connecting your Pinterest page is that you don't have any pages associated with this account. This looks like the screen below:


If you encounter this error, it may mean that you didn't create any boards for your Pinterest account. In order for dlvr.it to post to Pinterest, Pinterest needs a board to which we can post. This is because Pinterest only posts to boards and doesn't post to profiles. To find out if your Pinterest account has any boards, access your Pinterest profile.


If you encounter a screen like the following, you do not currently have any boards added.



To create a board, follow the steps below:

1) From the profile page, click on Create Board


2) Enter a name for the board and click Create


3) Select any pins you'd like to add to this board


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