Facebook Downtime - 12/12/2018

Facebook is currently experiencing downtime in their services. This Facebook outage is impacting dlvr.it and other services.

The Facebook outage is impacting including posting, logging in and connecting Facebook Pages and Groups.

Our engineers are aware of the issue and we’re working with Facebook to diagnose and fix the issue as our top priority. We will keep you updated of any new information as it becomes available.

We'll provide updates here.

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Update 12/13

We’re still working with Facebook to resolve the connection issues. 

We're working directly with Facebook to restore connections.

We'll provide additional updates here.

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Update 12/13 - 2 pm (PST)

The Facebook connection issue has been resolved. 

- Posts are now flowing to Facebook

- Old posts are now visible on Facebook

- Facebook Pages and Groups can now be connected / reconnected to dlvr.it

- Logging into dlvr.it with Facebook is active





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