How do I find my feed using's feed search tool? offers a few ways to find your feed. We allow you to search by topic (keyword), site name, or feed URL. Searches by topic can be a great way to carefully curate content to fill up your Queues or automatically post some additional content into your social media accounts automatically.

Search Tips

The best way to use our search tool is with categories. For example, if you need a technical news feed, use common terms. The feed search will typically find what is most relevant to your search, so if you need some form of news, make sure to use that term. If you'd like us to find a feed associated with your site, simply enter the name of the site. Otherwise, you can use the feed URL to enter the feed into our systems. Some sites may not show the RSS Feed URL in our Feed search feature immediately.

Many common web platforms have an easy way to find your RSS Feed URL. For example, if you use Shopify, you will simply use the Collection URL and add the append ".atom". In WordPress, add the append "/feed/". In SquareSpace, it is a little bit more complicated to find the Feed. You will define the Feed URL as follows:

What if I get an error with my feed?

The most common errors that we get either have to do with invalid feeds, feed sizes, or feeds that are no longer available.

Errors 403/408

These errors usually mean the same thing in our system. A 403 Forbidden error or a 408 timeout error usually mean that our servers are not allowed to access the content that we're trying to access. Occasionally, a 408 timeout error actually means that the feed in question is not responding in the appropriate amount of time. In those cases, you will need to contact your hosting provider to make sure that the server is appropriately responsive. However, in most cases, you will need to whitelist our servers. If your feed is privately held, you can whitelist through our User-Agent " (+".

Error 404

Error 404 is an error that means that the feed is not available in our systems. Usually, this is not the type of error that we would see if our systems were blocked by the feed. Rather, this is the error that would indicate that the feed is simply no longer available on the web. In these cases, the feed needs to be put back up by the hosting provider.

Feed size exceeds the limit

If you're receiving this error, it means that the file size of your feed is too large for our systems to utilize. In most cases, this means that either there are too many items in the feed, or there is extraneous style information in the feed that doesn't make sense. This information is usually HTML based code that is trying to modify the style of the text within your posts. 

Our Pro plan users are provided a Feed size limit of 1024 KB, while our Basic plan users are provided a 512 KB limit.  You can check the current size of your Feed by using a service like

Invalid Feed

Typically, if you are getting this error, either your page is formatted in HTML or that there is a formatting error that is causing the feed to be invalid. If the page is formatted in HTML, you can use an RSS feed generator like to create an RSS feed. If there is an error in the formatting of the feed, you can determine the source of this error by using the tool at this link.


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