Why aren't my static hashtags or dynamic hashtags appearing?

All of our hashtag features follow a specific order as to how they are prioritized. We have set our Automatically Detected Hashtags as the highest priority because they are the most customized. Dynamic and static hashtags take second priority.

If you aren't seeing your static or dynamic hashtags posted, check the following:

Make sure that your Automatically Detected Hashtag options are not turned on.


If your Automatically Detected Hashtag options are activated, you will see a red indicator to the right hand side of those fields.

If your Automatically Detected Hashtag feature is not activated and you aren't seeing Dynamic hashtags, make sure that you have a number selected underneath the Dynamic Hashtag Pool.



If all of these options are set up appropriately, it is possible that you have Queued content and it was Queued at a time that these hashtags were not available. If that is the case, you may manually add the hashtags by editing the item in the Queue.

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