What happened to my #Hashtags?

There are a few reasons that your Hashtags may not appear in your Socials. Most often, this is related to how the Hashtags are set up.

First, if you're not seeing Hashtags in Socials that are not Twitter, this is likely related to your settings in your Socials. In order for Hashtags to be added to a post in these Socials, there must be some text posted. You will need to activate a setting to include some text in the comment that is part of your post.

To activate these settings:

1) Click on your Socials tab


2) Click on the Social in question


3) Click on Edit


4) Activate the toggle for at least one field highlighted below


5) Click Save


The second problem that can happen with Hashtags is that you may have them set up in the Prefix or Suffix section of your Feeds/Socials. We have discontinued allowing Hashtags in these fields, as they were never intended for Hashtags. To edit your Prefixes and Suffixes, please see our tutorial on how to edit these fields.

The third problem that can occur that will result in Hashtags not being posted is that the Hashtag settings being added to a feed that is set to Queue content. If your feed is set to send content to your Queue and you add a Hashtag setting, the content that is already in the Queue will not receive the new Hashtag setting. Any content added after that will receive the new settings.

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