Why are my #Hashtag Prefixes/Suffixes not working?

As part of the amazing new Hashtag features, we are phasing out Prefixes and Suffixes that contain Hashtags. The new Hashtag features offer more capacity and smarter automation of Hashtags. Our Prefix and Suffix fields were never intended to be used for Hashtags because of the limitations of those fields.

With that in mind, we have introduced a new Hashtag feature that provides more capacity for your Hashtags, along with more options for customizing your posts.

We have provided a grace period for you to move your Hashtags from your Prefix and Suffix field. During this time, you will not be able to edit a Hashtag in these fields, but will be able to remove it and add it to your Hashtag field.

After the grace period expires, your Hashtags will no longer post, but you will still be able to view them. This is to allow you to migrate them to your Hashtag fields. 

Please note: Our Hashtag features require a minimum of a Pro plan.

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