My post needs to be sent

Check your logs.

Feed History log

To access the Feed History, click on the Feed in question, and click on the History button:


Any errors will show in this screen:


The most common error in this section is that your post limit has been reached. This limit would need to be changed in your feed.

For instructions as to how to change this limit, take a look at our support document. 

Socials log

To access your error log on your Socials, click on your Socials tab:


Click on the Social to expand it, and click on the Errors button:


  • Twitter duplicate posting errors: Twitter rules don’t allow us to post the same content across multiple Twitter handles without Retweeting. For more information, check out the new Twitter rules here.
  • Image Errors: The most common Pinterest error is related to image sizes. Images need to be sized at a minimum of 400x300 pixels.

  • Facebook Restriction Errors: Facebook may restrict your pages or groups because you’re posting too much. This will be stated in your social error log. If you see this error, we recommend reaching out to Facebook at their help site for further assistance.

    • Disappearing posts happen on the social media service side. The social media network usually takes them down due to violations of community standards. You’ll need to contact the social media service directly for further assistance.
  • Rate Limit Errors: A common error is related to Rate Limits. Basic plan users are limited to three posts per social media account per 24 hour period. The error will contain a timestamp, which is when we’ll resume posting new items. Any items found before that timestamp expires will be discarded. Some socials like Blogger, WordPress, and LinkedIn have lower rate limits due to the requirements of the platforms, so check for this if you're missing posts on your social media accounts or if your feed has stopped retrieving posts. If you need more posts sent daily, we highly recommend that you consider upgrading to our Pro plan!

  • Google My Business Errors: Google My Business might generate an error reading "Post error: Creating/Updating a local post is not authorized for this location." This error relates to creation of a business that belongs to a category, like lodging, that is not eligible to automatically post.

Errors that are not found in this document can be found here.


Any errors resulting from content that didn't make it to your Social will be listed in either the Feed history, or in the Error log.


What if there aren't any errors?

  • If you don't see any errors, your feed may not be publishing new items. Check out our support document that addresses these issues.

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