Why is Facebook not showing my full list of pages?

We have seen a few issues in the past that cause Facebook to ignore a full list of pages when you're connecting new pages to dlvr.it. The primary issues that cause the problem have to do with Facebook Business Manager. We have found a few steps that fix the issue for everyone. This starts with revoking permissions from Facebook to the dlvr.it app. You can do this by following the instructions below:

Please note: As of August 1, 2018, dlvr.it is no longer able to support posting to Facebook profiles. For more information, check out our support document.

1) Log into your Facebook account

2) Click on the down arrow on the top of the page


3) Click on Settings


4) Click on Apps


5) You will see dlvr.it listed among your Apps


6) Click on Remove



Once you have completed this, just retry connecting the Social. Most of the time, this will resolve the issue. With additional questions, contact support@dlvrit.com

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