RESOLVED - Known Facebook Issue - 1/26/2018 is aware of an issue with Facebook that is causing problems for some users.

This issue is causing older posts to not be visible for some users. It also causing attempts to post to Facebook to fail or be delayed.

We are aware of the problem and are working to resolve it. We will continue to post update here as we make progress.

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The issue is related to posts with shortened links. We are disabling link shortening and have started posting with full, unshortened links. Posts should now be flowing again for many users who were experiencing Facebook issues.

We are in continued communication with Facebook and are working on resolving the issue with shortened links. Once this is resolved, any missing old posts will be visible again.


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The issue has been resolved. Facebook posting is now active for all users and historic posts are now visible again on Facebook. users can now connect Facebook pages, profiles and groups to

The issue was resolved on January 28 at 10:37 pm Pacific.

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Here's what happened:

1. On Friday January 26 at 1 am (Pacific) Facebook started returning invalid posting errors. Facebook was sending these errors to even after made a successful post to Facebook.

-- Usually, Facebook returns a posting error when an attempted post fails. When gets a posting error back from Facebook, this (typically) means the post failed - and we try to post again a few minutes later.

2. These invalid errors from Facebook resulted in attempting posts multiple times, each time with the understanding that the previous posts had failed. This resulted in repeatedly posting the same items to Facebook multiple times within a few minutes.

3. These duplicate posts triggered Facebook to automatically flag and block posts from

4. As of Friday afternoon, Facebook acknowledged the restriction of posts as a 'false positive'. However, Facebook did not officially lift the restriction until Sunday night at 10:37 pm.

-- -- has taken steps to avoid this issue in the future. We've revised the way we handle posting errors and retries for Facebook. These updates are specifically designed to avoid the duplicate posting loop that triggered this issue.




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