Twitterfeed: Overview of Social Settings has a multitude of Settings available for any Social that you may use.  We have options that can alter many aspects of your posts and will help you personalize your Content.



Post Options:


1) Post Style

--Shared Link: Share your Content as a link with all other Content formatted accordingly

--Shared Link using OpenGraph

--Status Update

2) Include Title in the Message above Shared Link: Display the title of the Item in the message above your Shared Link

3) Include Body in the Message text above Shared Link: Display summary Content within the message above your Link

4) Thumbnail style:

--Auto-Detected by Destination: Output detects the item thumbnail.

--Auto-Detected from Item Content: Detect from the set of images associated with the Content and post the first image

--Manual: Add a single image for all posting content

--No thumbnail

5) Begin Posts With/End Posts With: Add a prefix or a suffix to post with your Content

6) Social Active: Keep the Social, but deactivate from outgoing posts

7) Delete Social: Remove the Social permanently




1) Link Shortening Service or Custom Domain: Choose which shortening service you would like to use for posts.

2) Analytics: Add analytics for enhanced reports




1) Post privacy

--Default: Defaults to Social's privacy settings

--Everyone: Public posting

--All Friends: All friends are able to see post

--Friends of Friends: Anyone who is a friend of a friend

--Only Me

2) Post as Photo: Full photo-sized posting

3) Auto Hashtag Placement (Note: Only functional for Facebook and Twitter): Add auto-hashtags taken from Category tags can help you with Twitter automation!

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