Twitterfeed: How do I add a Social to an existing Feed?

Since has the capacity to expand and add Feeds and Socials, many of our Users find it necessary to go back to a previously created Feed and add a Social or alter the Feed in some way.  Adding a Social to an existing Feed is just a few clicks away.

1) Log into your account.

2) Click on your Automate tab.

3) Click on the icon for the Social that you wish to add.

4) The Feed will expand to reveal options. On the bottom of the Feed where it shows what Socials are currently connected, you will see the option to Connect Social.  Click on the Connect Social option.

5) Click on the icon for the Social that you wish to add.

6) A list of Socials that have already been added to will appear, along with an option to add a new Social.

You're all done!

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