Using as a Twitterfeed alternative is happy to welcome Twitterfeed users to our service! presents the best Twitterfeed alternative on the market. We're confident you'll love using's powerful social media automation platform. Plus getting your feeds set up in is a snap.

Here's a quick start guide to help you set up your first automated RSS to Social Media feed.

Setting up a Feed

Setting up a Feed starts from our Feeds page. When you start with and log in, our dashboard will automatically direct you to the Automate tab with the option to start a new Feed.

Step 1: Select a content source


Select any content source available in our options.


Step 2: Configure the Feed


1) New Items: Determine what you want to do with new items we find in your RSS feed. 
a) Share immediately 
b) Add to your queue: share items on a predetermined schedule

2) First Post
a) Post the most recent item now
b) Post when a new item is published
c) Post all items (up to max)


Click Continue to go to the next step.


Step 3: Add your Socials to the Feed


Tell us where you want your content sent. You have several options to add a social network to your source feed.


1) Choose an existing social network

2) Click "+" to add a social network


Once you have all the social networks added, click Save. 


For more information about your dashboard, check out our Guide to Getting Started.

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