What Content Filters are Available with dlvr.it?

dlvr.it has many useful Content Filters. This helps you with being able to filter your Content without you having to perform any additional steps.  Simply set up your Feed, set up your filters, and let us do the rest of the work.  You may find your filter settings by going to your Feed and clicking on Settings.  This is what your filter screen will look like:


We have the ability to filter by the following:

  • Title
  • Content
  • Category
  • Author
  • Link

These categories can be filtered in a number of different ways. The first selection that you must make is to by filter by either 'Match Whole Words' or 'Match Sequence Anywhere'.  We have described these cases in more detail below:

  • Match whole words: Applies filters on words/phrases only if they appear as a whole word. For instance, if filtering on the word "state", a) "state" will trigger the filter, while b) "statement" will not.
  • Match sequence anywhere: Applies filters on words/phrases if they appear anywhere in a sequence. For instance, if filtering on the word "state", all of the following will trigger the filter: "state", "statement", "understated", etc.

Once you have opted for one of these two cases, you will be asked for your filter terms.  You can choose to filter by the following:

  • Must contain all the terms
  • Must contain any of the terms
  • Ignore items that contain any of the terms

Save your filters and start sharing!

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