How does my Stats page work?

The Stats page is used to tell you how many Followers, Clicks, and Posts that you have made within the last 30 days.  Our Stats page organizes this in an easy to follow format.  When you view your Stats page, there will be 3 sections to pay attention to.

1) Last 7 days: This shows Numerically the performance of your Socials over the last 7 days in Clicks, Followers, and Posts

2) Graphic Representation: This allows you to view the performance of your Socials through a Graphic representation for the same stats as above.  You can opt to view the Last 30 Days, Last 7 Days, or Geo activity

3) Individual Post Section: Shows you your posts from the last 30 days as either Recent Posts, and Popular Posts.  Will give you an overview of how many Clicks each post received.

This is a view of the graph section of the Stats page. If you mouse over the date on the graph, it will show you the exact counts of your followers.



This is a view of the bottom half of the page where you can view the posts that have gone out.

Note: the Last 30 Days is a category, not a tab, and thus is not clickable.  No Stats earlier than the last 30 days' worth of data are retained.

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