Glossary of Terms

Curation - A special type of Route which allows you to review, adjust, or discard automated content on an item-by-item basis before it is manually posted to your social networks

Destination - See "Output"

Feed - A specially formatted document which contains a list of items, including title, body, link, and optionally attached images which can be imported into  A feed is formatted using either RSS or Atom.

Input - A source for content which can be automatically imported into  ex: a Feed, a Twitter stream, Instagram

Output - A social media or service where content is to be posted. See also "Social

Route - A collection of one or more of each; Inputs and Outputs. A Route is displayed as a single line item in the Automation tab of the user interface which can be clicked on to expand and view the individual inputs and outputs.

Social - A connection to a Social Media Service such a Twitter or Facebook. Socials can be reused throughout a single account, existing in multiple Routes.

Source - See "Input"

Trickle - A feature allowing your content to be slowly posted to your Socials over time instead of all at the time that it is seen by the application.  We provide options for "newest items first," "oldest items first", or "random."

Queue - A list of automated or manual content which is scheduled to be posted to a Social at user-configured intervals.  Each Output automatically has its own Queue to be used for scheduled posting.

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