How does rely on my browser's local storage? relies on your browser's local storage to keep track of what you are working on in This allows to function for you seamlessly, even after you leave, then come back after connecting a social media page to your account.

For instance, to connect your Facebook page to, you must leave and head over to Once you complete the connection process on, Facebook sends you back to needs a way to keep track of what you were working on before you headed over to So when you come back to, we can drop you right back into the same spot in your workflow. This is where local storage comes in very handy!

Your browser's local storage allows to keep track of what you were working on in, before you leave and go to So when you come back to after connecting a social media page, you can continue setting up your feed or posting rules, right where you left off.

Without local storage, we wouldn't know what feed you were working on, or the settings you had already selected. So we'd be stuck asking you to start the process all over again.

If you are using Safari in private browsing mode, local storage is turned off. This means may not work smoothly. If you experience issues, please turn off private browsing.

If you want to use in private mode, please use Chrome and Firefox. Local storage is active when in private mode in both of these browsers.



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