Why can't I add a new Social?

There are multiple reasons why you may not be able to add a social network to your dlvr.it account. Check the following to see if one of these scenarios applies to your situation. 

Please note: As of August 1, 2018, dlvr.it is no longer able to support posting to Facebook profiles. For more information, check out our support document.

1) Max number of socials reached

Review the plan you are subscribed to. Each plan from Free to Enterprise has a set number of socials that you can configure. Is it time for an upgrade?

You can also delete unused socials by going to your Socials Page.




 2) Is the social network already added?

If the social network is already added to your dlvr.it account, you will not able to add it again. Instead of re-adding the Social, you can select the Connect tab when adding a new Social and select from those that you've already configured.  If you receive an error when attempting to add a social network, check Socials tab to review what has already been configured.


3) Log out of the social network first

If you are going through the process of adding a new social network but the dlvr.it prompts display a different social account, log out of the social network showing in the prompts and log into the social network directly you would like to add.

For example, you have multiple Twitter accounts:

  • twitter.com/ABC
  • twitter.com/XYZ

The Twitter account you want to add is @XYZ but the dlvr.it prompts only show @ABC. Go to Twitter.com, log out of @ABC and log into Twitter account @XYZ.


4) Do you have two of the same social networks?

If you are subscribed to the Free plan, dlvr.it only allows one social profile per social network (i.e. one Twitter, one Facebook, etc) up to the maximum of three connected Socials. If you are attempting to add a second social account from the same social network (i.e second Twitter profile), you will need to upgrade


5) Is this a Facebook page?

Facebook will sometimes have issues seeing all of your pages when adding them into our system. If you're experiencing this issue, you can fix this by refreshing the connection between dlvr.it and Facebook.

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