Understanding Queue and Posting Schedules [As of January 2016]

Queue is an easy way to share content via an optimized posting schedule. Each social network has its own individual queue associated with it when using Queue as a posting action. A social network can't have more than one posting schedule or more than one Queue.

Your content has two posting actions. When logged into dlvr.it, you will see a list of your sources and the posting action associated with a source. Each can be identified by a unique icon as illustrated below:

A. Content Source(s) =>> Automate (when we see a post in the feed, it is sent immediately - not on a schedule)


B. Content Source(s) =>> Queue (sent with an optimized posting time)



There are several ways to add content to queue:

  1. Automate: RSS Feed
  2. Manual: Direct type of message
  3. Browser Add-on: Share while browsing the web

Important things to know about Queue

  1. Each social network has just ONE queue schedule associated with it.
  2. Social networks can have several RSS feed inputs that are sent to a single Queue schedule.
  3. When posting manual updates or through the Browser add-on, social networks can be put into Posting Groups (i.e., Group A = Personal Social Networks, Group B = Business Social Networks.)
  4. When you add a social network, a Queue is automatically created for that social network. It sits idol until you choose to use it.

How to Review a Queue Schedule

1) Click the Queue icon



2) Click the social network you want to review


3) Click 'Schedule' to display the social network's optimized posting schedule

4) [Optional] Click 'x' to delete a time slot. The days of the week can be toggled on and off. Adjust the time by clicking the time slots in the very left column next to the x.

5) [Optional] Click 'Add time slot' to add additional time slots



Sharing an RSS Feed with Queue

 1) Click 'Add a Route' or 'Add New Feed'



2) Add a feed URL or search by publisher or site name

3) If you were a customer before January, 2016, click '+'



4) Click the gear icon or select 'Add to your Queue' from the dropdown menu



5) A light box will appear if you must click the Gear icon. Go to 'New Items' under the Setup tab and select 'Add to your Queue'. Click save.



6) Click 'Connect Socials' to finish the set-up process


Manually Posting with Queue

1) Click 'New Post'



2) Enter text

3) Add a picture (optional)

4) Select the social networks

5) Click 'Add to Queue'



How to Create a Posting Group

1) Follow the instructions for Manual Posting above through set 4.

2) Once you have more than one social network chosen, click 'Posting Groups'


3) Name your Posting Group

4) Click "enter" on your keyboard to accept the new posting group

5) Click 'Add to Queue'



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