How do I post from RSS Feed to Pinterest?

Why would I want to post my RSS Feed to Pinterest, you ask?  Pinterest is an ever growing community of opportunities to distribute your message with concise images and short descriptions.  (Please note: posting to Pinterest is only available with a Pro or Agency plan.  For more information, please visit our Pricing page. Using Pinterest as an input is available with our Basic plan, however, you may only input 5 total Feeds.)


Pinterest is an example of a tool that can be simplified using We can eliminate two steps with a simple click of a button, not to mention our tool saving you countless hours posting manually to Pinterest.

To start posting to Pinterest:

1) Log into your account

2) Click on your Socials tab


3) Click on 'Add Social'


4) Click on the Pinterest icon (Please note: the post to Pinterest feature is only available on our paid plans)


5) Enter your Pinterest credentials when prompted, or simply click 'Okay' if you are already logged in

6) Select the appropriate Pinterest board to Pin items to


7) Connect your Pinterest board to an established Feed, or create a new Feed to connect with Pinterest

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