dlvr.it Guide to Bluesky

Bluesky is a decentralized, text-based social network similar to X (Twitter) that allows you to share posts to a social profile.


Connecting your Bluesky account to dlvr.it

1. Log into the dlvr.it account and then head to the Socials tab


2. Click Add Social and select the icon with the Bluesky icon.



3. Enter the Bluesky Provider and Bluesky Handle

a. To find the Bluesky handle log into the Bluesky account and select 'Settings’. The handle appears in the 'Signed in as' section and has the form yourhandle.bsky.social



Some things to note:

  • Bluesky utilizes a feature called App Passwords. App Passwords have most of the same abilities as the user's account password, but they're restricted from destructive actions such as account deletion or account migration.
  • App Passwords are also restricted from creating additional app passwords.
  • Currently, you're able to create a new Bluesky account only if you have a Bluesky invite code.


4. Enter the Bluesky App Password:

a. To generate an app password for Bluesky log into the Bluesky account and selecting 'Settings'.


b. Find the 'App Passwords' section.



c. Click 'Add App Password'



d. Give the password a name such as "dlvrit" and then click Creat App Password.



e. Copy the created password and paste it into dlvr.it.



And now you can automate your favorite feeds, sources, and social networks to Bluesky

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