Why are photos not posting to my social networks?

If you enabled Photo Posting but your photos are not posting, please check that the images meet the requirements below. Always make sure the images you share are of the highest quality.

Photo Posting Specs

  • Minimum image dimensions: 300 x 400 pixels
  • Maximum media file size: 3 MB (max media file size that can be posted to Twitter via API.)
  • Supported Media Types: jpg, png, gif

dlvr.it looks for images to post in the following order:

1) Images in feed item body

2) Feed item media enclosures

3) Scan the page linked to in the RSS items

At each step we look for the first image that meets the requirements (file type, size min / max).

It is important to note, in 3 above, we scan the website to look for the OpenGraph image tag or TwitterCard.

If an image is not found or doesn't meet our size requirements, no image will be published.

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