Interpreting 'Connection Timed Out' Errors

Connected Feeds

If you notice that your content isn't updating, a good place to look to troubleshoot the issue is in your feed retrieval log. Here you see possible reasons why we couldn't retrieve your content for posting to social.

One such error you may see is "Connection Timed Out." That simply means when we tried to fetch your content, it took too long for your server to return results. We will try again during the next feed update window.

You can request that pull your content immediately by clicking the update feed now icon. Follow the link for instructions in how to do that.


There are two main causes of Connection Timed Out errors while retrieving an existing, or connecting a new, feed to

  1. Your server is responding very slowly, or the feed is incredibly large.
    If your server is returning the content very slowly, as is the case when the feed is generating every time we retrieve it, it may take longer than the allowed 10 seconds to fully transfer the feed content.  This can also occur if the feed is very large and takes a long time to return.

  2. Your server is not answering requests from
    This can occur if your server has instituted security rules which can sometimes include overzealous bot or IP range blocking.

For both of these situations, you will need to contact your feed host to resolve the issue.

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