Why is adf.ly not working in my dlvr.it account?

Why is adf.ly failing? This is a common question that we hear from many of our users. dlvr.it has no problems using the adf.ly API, however, adf.ly frequently has issues with the time it takes to respond to requests for shortened URLs. This causes problems posting to your content and can lead to items not being delivered at all.

Some shorten requests work, and some take a long time to respond and time out. This is at least partially based on how quickly the target URL responds to requests, so if you're posting links to a site that responds slowly, then adf.ly will also respond slowly.

Each time that adf.ly responds slowly to a request and causes a timeout, we reschedule the next attempt to post your item for 15 minutes later. If adf.ly always responds slowly, then posts will never be delivered, and your best option is to use a different shorten service.

Unfortunately, we cannot do anything to change adf.ly's responsiveness.

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