How do I change or update my posting schedule?

Each social network can have a different posting schedule. There is a one-to-one relationship between a social network and a schedule. Each social network has one schedule associated with it.


1) Click the Socials icon


2) Click the social network you want to review


3) Click 'Schedule' to display the social network's optimized posting schedule


4) Click 'x' to delete a time slot. The days of the week can be toggled on and off by click the rectangular box below each day. Adjust the time by clicking the time slots in the very left column next to the x. Turn off a time for a particular day of the week by click the time under the day of the week. For example if you want to turn off posting on Sun at 7:45 AM, click 7:45 AM. Click 'Add time slot' to add additional time slots




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