How do I automatically post my new blog entries to Google+?

Using, you can start auto-posting your blog posts to your Google+ Page in just a few moments.

Before you get started, you will need a Google+ account and a account.

Below, we'll show you how to connect your Google+ Page to an existing content route that contains your blog's RSS feed as an input.


1) Log into your account, click on your Feed and click on 'Connect Social'


2) Select Google+ from the avilable outputs

If you have not yet upgraded to a premium plan, you'll be prompted to upgrade when choosing Google+.



3) Log into your Google account and follow the authorization prompts

If you are already logged in to Google, you'll skip this step.  Make sure to click 'Allow' to authorize to post on your behalf. This provides permission to post to connect to your Google+ account


4) Select the Google+ Page you'd like to post to

You can select from the Google+ Pages you administer. Keep in mind Google+ APIs support posting to Google+ Pages, and not to Google+ Profiles. Here are details on the differences between Pages and Profiles. Here's more information on getting started with Pages.

5) Click Done to Finish the Process

6) Your Google+ Page is now active.

We'll automatically post to your Google+ Page the next time new item is posted to your blog.



7) Here's what a Google+ shared link post looks like


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