How do I automatically post my RSS feed to Google+?

It's a breeze. Using, you can start auto-posting your RSS or Atom feed to your Google+ Profile and Google+ Pages in just a few moments.

If you use your blog RSS feed, will automatically post your blog entries / posts to your Google+ pages.

Below, we'll show you how to connect your Google+ Profile and Pages to an existing content route.

Google+ APIs do not currently support posting to your Google+ Personal Profile if you are a Google Apps user.


1) Log into your account. Click the route you want to add Google+.

2) Click Add Social


3) Select Google+ from the available outputs

If you have not yet upgraded to a premium plan, you'll be prompted to upgrade when choosing Google+.


4) Choose the Google+ account you want to add.

You can select from the Google+ Pages you administer. Keep in mind Google+ APIs support posting to Google+ Pages, and not to Google+ Profiles. Here are details on the differences between Pages and Profiles. Here's more information on getting started with Pages.


5) Click Allow to grant permission to post to your Google+ account. 

You Google+ page is now active. We'll automatically post to your Google+ Page the next time an items is added to your RSS feed.


Here's what a Google+ shared link post looks like




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