How do I block from retrieving the feeds on my site?

If you are a site administrator and wish to prevent users on from using your content for posting, you can let us know by updating your robots.txt file.

To prevent accidental blocking, does not pay attention to the "User-Agent: *" section of robots.txt.  This is because isn't a normal "search engine"-type service.  A user has to explicitly tell to retrieve the content, and we don't want to make it difficult on you or your users if you have blocked certain sections for general search-engine purposes.

To block, you can enter

Disallow: /path/to/your/feeds

As with any other agent, adding "Disallow: /" will prevent from retrieving any content on your site.


The "" agent will also pay attention to "Allow: directives.  This means that you can disallow some parts of your site while allowing others to be read.

Disallow: /
Allow: /path/to/some/feeds


A plain "Disallow:" with no path means "Allow all"


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