Using Auto Hashtags with Facebook posts uses Automatic Hashtags to drive views to your posts.  We'll find your feed item's category tags, and based on your rules, we'll automatically add those to your posts as hashtags.

For instance, if your feed item has the category tags iPhone, Kittens, and Videos, you can configure to automatically add the hashtags #iPhone #Kittens #Videos to your Facebook post.

Note: Your feed items must include category tags in order for to automatically add hashtags to your Facebook posts.


1) After logging in to, click social icon at the top of the dashboard

2) Click the Facebook account you want to update. A menu will appear.


3) Click Edit



4) Select the 'Advanced Tab'

5) Select where you want to place the hashtag

  • Before content: Hashtags, up to a maximum of 5, will be placed between any defined prefixes and the item content.

  • After content: Hashtags, up to a maximum of 5, will be placed after your content ahead of any suffixes added to the item content.
  • Inline: If any of the categories are matched in the item text (title or body), the matched text will be turned into a hashtag.


6) Select the number of hashtags you want in each update

  • will include hashtags up to this maximum. will post less than this maximum if a) your feed item includes fewer category tags, or b) there is not enough room in the post to include the maximum number of hashtags.

7) Set your blank space handling option and click Save

  • Hashtags must be a single continuous string of characters without spaces. If your category contains two or more words, separated by spaces, you decide how will handle the spaces when building the hashtag. When 'Remove spaces' is selected, the category Mad Men will be posted as #Madmen. When "Change spaces to underbars' is selected, it is posted as #Mad_Men


NOTE: Make sure your Post Content settings are compatible with hashtags.

You can include hashtags in the following posting styles: a) Status Update and b) Shared Link, with Title / Summary included as comment. will not add hashtags to a pure Shared Link style post.


Here's an example of auto hashtags included in a Shared Link + Title included as comment post:



And here's an example of what you see when you click on one of the #hashtags:



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