How do I use Twitter as an RSS Feed? can help you use Twitter as an RSS Feed with a few simple steps.  This can help you distribute your Twitter Content quickly to your other Social Media accounts. You can also customize a Twitter stream by adding filters or personalizing the stream by adding pre-fixes and suffixes for re-posting other places.

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1) Once logged in to your account, Click “Add a Feed” to create a new feed.


2) Click Twitter icon


3) Twitter requires we share with them who is accessing the Twitter stream you'll be entering on the next step.  Associate a new personal Twitter account or choose a previously connected account to your new Twitter Stream input.

NOTE: YOU WILL BE ABLE TO CHANGE THE TWITTER ACCOUNT you want to create an RSS feed from on the next screen.

4) Under Account, ADD the Twitter handle you want to pull from. Update any settings, add filters, choose when you want to pull information, etc. Click Save.

5) Click Continue

6) Click 'Connect New'

7) Choose the RSS icon.

8) Name the new feed.  Click Save.

9) You will be brought back to the route you just created.  Click on your Socials tab.

10) Click on the Settings icon under the Feed that you just created.  The Feed URL can be found on the first screen that you are brought to.

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