How to monitor the health of your RSS feed.

You can now review the last 72 hours of’s feed retrievals via our Feed Retrieval log. This lets you know exactly when retrieved your feed, how many new items we found, and if we encountered any errors.

This info can help you quickly identify and address and problems with your feed or any upstream delays from your blogging software or feed management tool. For example, if you’ve posted new items and is checking your FeedBurner feed, but not finding any new items – you may need to poke FeedBurner and let them know you’ve got new items for them.

To check your feed retrieve log:

1) Log into your account.

2) Manage the feed you want to check.

3) Click on the Feed History button


The dates and times are reported in the timezone you’ve set for your account. And if your feed is PuSH enabled, we’ll let you know when we receive new items via PuSH.

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