Using your Google+ RSS Feed URL in

Creating an RSS Feed from Google+

Finding your Google+ RSS Feed URL can enable you to publish your posts to Google+ and automatically send them to your other Social Media platforms.

1) Get the Feed of your Google+ posts

Simply add a Google+ user number to the end of this URL ( to get an Atom PlusFeed of public posts.

Example: The atom feed of Robert Scoble's public Google+ posts is:

(Robert Scoble's Google+ id is 111091089527727420853 . It can be found in the URL of his Google+ posts page:

You'll use your URL to distribute your Google+ posts to Twitter and Facebook using


Note: PlusFeed is not affiliated with Google or Google does not officially support atom feeds of Google+ posts. Accordingly, the operation of PlusFeed Google+ feeds is subject to change without notice.

Update 9/7/11: PlusFeed has announced they are ceasing operations. However, will continue to support existing feeds without interruption. We are running our own instance of plusfeed and are redirecting all queries to live feeds.

2) Publish your Google+ posts to Twitter and Facebook using

a) Go to and create an account with your email + password.

b) Enter your Google+ feed URL from step 1 above

c) Click on the Twitter icon and authorize to post to your Twitter account

Click "Authorize App" in the Twitter Authorize an App page: will now automatically post your new Google+ posts to your Twitter account.  Posts will link back to your Google+ posts at

d) To post your Google+ posts to Facebook, click on the 'Connect New' button

e) Choose Facebook from the Destinations list

f) Follow the authorization process to get back to will now automatically post your new Google+ posts to your Facebook account, too!

Your finished Feed will look like this:

   This post was inspired by a related post on Chrome Life.

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