How To: Shorten a URL via's API

Shortening your links via our API may be necessary for a number of reasons.  Please note, however, that this feature is only available via our Pro plan or above.

To shorten a URL via's API:


1) Log into your account


2) Go to Settings tab

-- Under API Access, click 'create key'

-- Your key will look something like this: 7ff2c73de716474f8f97dd1d20cc9b7b


3) Create API Call

In URL below, a) replace [your.api.key] with your API key, and b) replace [long.url] with the long URL you want to shorten.[your.api.key]&url=[long.url]




4) Cut and paste this link into your browser's navigation toolbar.


Hit Return

-- will return a shortened link:


Distribute the short link.


Please also note that we utilize a link shortener that can more easily shorten links without you needing to manually shorten these links.  We also offer options to customize link shorteners.


More detail on's API.

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